Calendar Girls

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This feel-good comedy is based on the true story of a group of working-class British housewives who became overnight celebrities by posing for an “alternative” calendar to raise money for a cancer hospital. Follow the adventures of best friends Chris and Annie as they convince their local women’s group to bare more than their souls for a good cause.  Adapted from the 2003 movie.

Director || Nancy Cooper

Assistant Director || Jared Kovach

Producer’s || Amy Poirier & Jason Wilhoite

Cast List

Chris – Mary Ann Tweedie

Annie – Laurel Stroud

Celia – Sharon Baynard

Cora – Suzy DuCharme

Jessie – Maggie Gilkes

Ruth – Donna Pelon

Marie – Dara Blaty

Brenda – Deborah Anderson

John – Jim Moll

Rod – Nick Szczerba

Lady Cravenshire – Ellen Doman

Lawrence – James Pierce

Elaine – Kandi Krumins

Liam – Stephon Terrell