Brighton Beach Memoirs

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Neil Simon’s coming-of-age story set during the Great Depression tells the tale of a Jewish-American teenager growing up in Brooklyn, struggling with his transition through puberty. Add a house crowded by his formidable mother, overworked father, worldly brother, plus a recently widowed aunt and her two daughters and you have a recipe for Simon-style hilarity. The play’s timeless themes have delighted crowds during two runs on Broadway and a 1986 movie adaptation.

Director || Maureen Mansfield

Assistant Director || Jill Jones

Producer’s || Amy Lauter & Bob Hotchkiss


Eugene || Grayson Kennedy 

Blanche || Nancy Cooper

Kate ||  Pamela Martin

Laurie || Meilin Hilton

Nora || Hannah Weinraub

Stanley || Jared Lane

Jack || Tony Targan