The Game’s Afoot | By Ken Ludwig Opens on Friday December 2, 2022

Ticket pricing | $22 Adults | $20 Senior/Students

Performance times | Thur, Fri, and Sat begin at 8 PM | Sun begin at 2 PM

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Individual Performance Tickets

Due to low levels of transmission, face masks are recommended, not currently required

at the Farmington Players Barn Theater.

For more information, see our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan & COVID-19 Protocols


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If you buy on Amazon.com you can now have 1/2% of your purchase price donated to the Farmington Players. We recently registered for their Amazon Smile program and The Farmington Players is now an authorized charity able to receive the 1/2%. Here is how it works (for more info see smile.amazon.com):
  1. Instead of going to Amazon.com, you go to smile.amazon.comEverything you can purchase on Amazon is available on Amazon Smile.
  2. Login to smile.amazon.com using your same e-mail address and login password that you would use for Amazon.
  3. When prompted, type in Farmington Players, Inc as your charity of choice. Once done, this will be the charity they use unless you change it.
  4. Shop as you normally would.
Then every quarter, Amazon will send us the collective 1/2% that has been accrued.
Thank you for your support!