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MACC_LogoThe Farmington Players have been awarded a grant from the State of Michigan Arts and Culture Council (MACC). The grant was awarded through the MACC peer review process and was one of 711 applications to compete for MACC fiscal year 2024 funding.

These fund will be used to replace The Barn Theaters HVAC system. Creating an environment to continue our mission and support the community. If you would like to be a part of the mission, please click DONATE below and make your tax deductible donation to The Farmington players

The MACC peer review process allows for each grant application to be competitively considered by a panel of in-state and out-of-state arts and culture professionals. This ensures the taxpayers, who support this project through legislative appropriations, and all other visitors or residents in Michigan will have access to the highest quality arts and cultural experiences. A complete list of grant awards around the state is available by contacting MACC at (517) 241-4011, or by visiting the MACC website at www.michigan.gov/arts.

Make a tax deductible donation to The Farmington Players.