All auditions will take place at the Farmington Players Barn Theater

32332 W. 12 Mile Rd Farmington Hills, MI



Auditions for THE BEST LAID PLANS | Sunday, June 9, 2024

Registration begins at 11:00 am

Auditions begin at 12:00 pm

Audition Notice


Audition Cuts Summary: Click Here – Sides for Audition

A. Frances and Phoebe – Opening scene pg. 8 Start with Francis speech through pg. 10
Phoebe’s line “You’re kidding …”

B. Ada, Frances, Goralsky – Bottom of pg. 24 Goralsky line “Just a minute…”
Through pg. 26 bottom Frances line “Maybe he breathed too deeply “

C. Phoebe, Vincent, Michael – pg. 30 middle Phoebe – “Idiot” through bottom of 32 Phoebe

D. Guy and Gail- pg. 40 middle Guy says “Gail” through pg 42 Guy says “He’s dead”

E. Ada and Hubert – pg. 51 Middle Hubert – “Ada how are you …” through pg. 53 Hubert
phone call “Hanging up now”
(Exclude bottom of 52)

F. Phillip, Frances, Ada – pg. 17 Frances – “Most people use the front door” through pg. 19
Phillip – “You may have dislocated my back”




Nick Keith Firstenberg
Nigel Josh Carter
Bea Hannah Haigh
Portia Helena Romano
Shakespeare Jonah Schulte
Brother Jeremiah Jim Sniderman
Nostradamus Jared Hoffert
Minstrel Keith Rikli
Lord Clapham Tony Targan
Shylock Gary Weinstein
Ensemble: Anne Craft
Ashley Murdoch
Becky Fisher
Donna Wolbers
Eric Henrickson
Eric Nogas
Jayar Brenner
Joel Watson
Julia Cody
Kristen Chapman
Kristen Japowlcz
Leah Frazier
Michelle Noble
Renee Valent
Sam Volpe Stefan Potter
Tom Regan

Lend Me A Tenor | Cast List

MAX                                       Armand Banooni
MAGGIE                                Kate Jones
SAUNDERS                          Gary Weinstein
TITO                                       Daryl Treger
MARIA                                   Hilary Borlack
BELLHOP                              Mattie Raybaud
DIANA                                    Brienne Murphy
JULIA                                     Donna Kinsey


A Nice Family Christmas | Cast List

Jasmine Rozier as Jill
Jaimee Giammanco as Stacy
Margaret Gilkes as Grandma
Beth Rexroat as Mom
Eric Henrickson as Michael
Charlie Gass as Carl
Nick Szczerba Uncle Bob

A Jukebox for the Algonquin | Cast List

Role Actor
Mrs. McDarren/Peg Nancy Cooper
Annie Elieen White
Josefina Denise Kallas
Dennis Dave Durham
Johnny Calvin Carson
Chuck Chris Clonts
Tyler Mattie Raybaud
Voiceover talent Cynthia Tupper