All cast and crew will need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination for the 2021-2022 season.


 Auditions begin soon for the 2022-2023 season!

Auditions for Suite Surrender on July 24th
Registration begins at 12:30pm | Auditions begin at 1:00pm

Auditions for The Man Who Came to Dinner on August 28th
Registration begins at 12:00pm | Auditions being at 1:00pm

All auditions will take place at the Farmington Players Barn Theater
32332 W. 12 Mile Rd Farmington Hills, MI


2022 ONE ACT FESTIVAL | Cast Announcement
1 – Beware the Ides of Mars directed by Laurie Smalis
Cam – Sharie Patrice
Aspen – Frank Ginis
Bates – Kathryn Sturges

2 – Ahavah directed by Mike Gingerella
Alice Hobbs – Denise Kallas
Saul Goldberg – Armand Banooni

3 – I’m Fat directed by Tim Timmer
Carissa – Celah Convis
Mike – Nicholas Morton
Fat – Charlie Gass
Pregnant – Lauren Burry

4 – Literary Virus directed by Michelle Noble
Man – Tim Timmer
Woman – Crystal Nemchak
Observer – Elizabeth Rexroat

5 – It Goes Without Saying directed by Amy Lauter
Adam – Eric Hansen
Brenda – Brooke Allen
Kevin – Keith Firstenberg

6 – I’m Not Wearing Any Pants directed by Kristi Schwartz
Sasha – Elizabeth Williams
Herman – Jacob Plante

7 – Driveway Dating directed by Anne Craft
Dana – Barbie Weisserman
Mike – Jerry Gass

8 – Small Talk directed by Amy Poirier
Rachel – Crystal Nemchak
Anthony – Keith Firstenberg
Dr. Cooper – Kristi Schwartz
Matt – Jacob Plante

Transitions directed by Tony Targan
River – Brooke Allen
Lake – Jim Snideman
Moyshe – Jeff Weisserman
Rose – Barbie Weisserman

DEATHTRAP | Cast Announcement

Sidney Bruhl – Mark Boyd
Myra Bruhl – Sue Rogers
Clifford Anderson – J.J. Spaulding
Helga ten Dorp- Elizabeth Schnelz Rexroat
Porter Milgrim – Phil Hadley

TOKENS OF AFFECTION | Cast Announcement

Charlie – Ken Overwater
Rita – Laurel Stroud
Claire – Erica Gunaca
Frank – Alidor “Dorne” Lefere
Bruce – Michael Rea
Jackie – Cynthia Tupper


Charlie – Bob Hotchkiss
Jennifer – Rachel Biber
Big Paul – Nick Szczerba
June – Maureen Mansfield
Ham – Dave Reinke