One Act Festival

One Act

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2022 One Act Festival, June 24-26:

People’s Choice Award Winner:

I’m Fat by J.R. Spaulding, Jr.


Full lineup:
Ahavah by David Lipschutz & Dana Hall
Beware the Ides of Mars by Erin Osgood
Driveway Dating  by Jennifer Ward
I’m Fat  by J.R. Spaulding, Jr.
I’m Not Wearing Any Pants by Tony Targan
It Goes Without Saying by Maureen Paraventi
Literary Virus by Laura Bradshaw-Tucker
Small Talk  by David MacGregor



2019 One Act Festival, June 21-23:

All the Time in the World by Ron Bernas
Cold Rage by Brian Cox
Epiphany by David MacGregor
Good Morning, Miriam by Jacquelyn Priskorn
The Reckless Romantic by Jacquelyn Priskorn
True Confessions by Marilyn Zerlak