[Updated: March 20, 2022]

The Farmington Players remain committed to the health and safety of our guests, members, cast, and crew. We continue to listen, learn and evolve to keep our theater safer than ever. The Board continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation, including checking the Oakland County COVID transmission rate. To protect patrons and members, we will update protocols as developments warrant. The following protocols are based on recommendations and guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and State of Michigan.

The day BEFORE every performance an email will be sent to each ticket holder from Audience View to remind them of their show date and time and to reinforce that compliance with COVID protocols will be required to attend the performance.

Mask Requirements: Regardless of vaccination status, ALL patrons and ALL crew members and volunteers interacting with patrons during and after the show (door greeters, ushers, 50/50, box office, director, producer, stage manager if in lobby, etc.) will be required to wear masks throughout the run. All cast members and crew involved in the rehearsal process, whether onstage or backstage, shall wear masks during rehearsals. The director shall use his or her discretion to facilitate effective rehearsals and may suspend mask use when a show gets close to opening (especially in the final week of rehearsals before opening).

Mask Quality: Masks for cast and crew must be high quality (N-95 or KN-95). Double-masking, including the use of Farmington Players logo masks, is optional. Patrons will be encouraged to wear high quality masks, but will not be denied entry as long as they are wearing a mask or face covering of any kind.

Door Greeters wearing a N-95 or KN-95 mask, plus a Farmington Players logo mask, will require everyone entering the Barn to wear a mask. Greeters will have disposable paper masks available for patrons if needed. Patrons will not be allowed entry to the theater without a mask on. Masks should cover the nose and mouth at all times.

Ushers: The house will open by 7:15, and ushers will encourage patrons to take their seats promptly — both pre-show and at intermission — rather than congregate in the lobby. One usher should check the date is correct on the ticket. There is no need to tear the ticket. The other usher is to give out programs and to guide patrons to the correct seat location if help is needed.

Ushers are not expected to be mask police. If any mask issues arise after the patron enters the theater, they should be addressed by the Board
member(s) that will be on hand for every performance. (Board member(s) will identify themselves to ushers upon arrival at the Barn.)

Pre-show speech, live onstage: At each performance, a member of the production team will provide a final reminder about mask wearing, followed by a show-specific taped curtain speech.

Concessions will be staffed by one person per show who will set out self-serve water bottles with a donation basket at the will call window. No food or coffee will be served at intermission. The concessions person can assist with will call tickets.

50/50: Raffle ticket sales will occur only at a table in the lobby, but not in the house. Winner to be announced on stage at the end of intermission.

Post Show: We will NOT have a cast meet-and-greet receiving line in the lobby immediately after the show. After the house and lobby clears, cast members can come out into the lobby to greet friends. Opening and closing night parties: any guests, or members staying for party, must show proof of vaccination card.

Testing Requirements: If cast or crew members become aware that they have been exposed to someone with COVID, and/or if the member is experiencing symptoms, they must get tested for COVID. (Either a rapid test or a PCR test is acceptable.) If the test results are positive for COVID, the member must isolate at home for 5 days after exposure/onset of symptoms, and refrain from coming to the theater. Thereafter, the member must continue to mask for 5 more days, but may return to the theater for rehearsals if asymptomatic and masked. Regardless of exposure or symptoms, all cast members must have weekly negative tests starting 10 days prior to opening night, and continuing throughout the run. If there is not enough time for a cast member to be cleared after a positive test, the Board will likely have to postpone that weekend’s performances, although it may be possible to extend the show by one week.