Health & Safety


Updated: January 11, 2023

The Farmington Players remain committed to the health and safety of our patrons,
members, cast, crew, and volunteers. We continue to listen, learn and evolve to
keep our theater safer than ever. The Board continues to closely monitor the
COVID-19 situation and other health risks and to update protocols as
developments warrant. The following protocols are based on recommendations
and guidelines from national, state, and local health organizations, including the
Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Vaccination Requirements:

All cast, crew, volunteers, and auditioners must be fully vaccinated (full original
dose plus most recent booster) from COVID to participate in productions.
Auditioners must present proof of vaccination (paper or digital) upon registration
at auditions, and members must present proof at least once annually if attending in-
person events at the Barn.

Mask Requirements: 
Based on current medium levels of transmission of COVID-19 in Oakland
County, and the prevalence of other respiratory illnesses, all cast, crew, and
volunteers are encouraged but not currently required to wear masks before, during
and after rehearsals and performances at the Farmington Players Barn Theater.

Testing Requirements: 
If a cast, crew, or volunteer (“member”) is sick and suspect that they have COVID-
19 and are experiencing symptoms, they must get tested for COVID. (Either a
rapid home test or a PCR test is acceptable.) If the test results are positive for
COVID, in accordance with CDC guidelines, the member must isolate at home for
5 days after onset of symptoms, and refrain from coming to the theater. Thereafter,
the member must continue to mask for 5 more days, but may return to the theater if
asymptomatic and masked. If cast members are sick (with COVID or otherwise)
during the run, the director or producer will contact the President or Vice President
to determine whether the quality of the production will be compromised by the
performance of the ill member(s), and if so, whether the show(s) can proceed as
scheduled or by making adjustments to cast members or roles. Any final decision
to postpone, reschedule, and/or cancel performances must be made by majority
vote of the Board.